Midwest 45s is a Flash exposition of Soul, Funk, and Gospel 45s from the states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

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Michigan Soul

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Ohio Soul

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Illinois Soul

Illinois Gospel

This site was created to inspire, to document, to showcase, to creatively exercise, to respect, to celebrate, to digitize, to ethnomusicologize.......................................MUSIC. Their is some really incredible music flashed into these pages. Beautiful music, Screaming Music, Swinging Music, Struggle Music, Black Music. I've spent the last four years worth of Saturdays digging through the Midwestern dust to give some forgotten Black American Midwestern music a home and a place to thrive. It seemed necessary. I hope to inlcude more pics in the future and maybe some cool Flash turntable controls. More respects to people, information, and history.

This site was built as an effort to contribute something positive, educational, and entertaining. This website is strictly non-profit, rejecting any kind of commercial interest whatsoever. Only partial sound clips are offerred out of respect for the artists, producers, label owners, and creatively involved people of these records. The clips are to serve as small tastes of the goodness that this grand spot in American music history has to offer with hope that the music will continue to spur the listener to dig further

If anybody has information to add, please do not hesitate to send it to scottdharlow@yahoo.com. Discographies, scans, clips, any kind of contribution is welcome.

Special Thanks to Jason Yoder for the inspiration, Brad Hales, Rick Wilkerson, Dan Latterner, Charles Few, Ed Wolfrum, Rob Sevier, and Jason Rosenberg.

Special Special Thanks to all the Common People whose basements and closets these records came from.

Site maintained by Scott Harlow. Questions or comments to scottdharlow@yahoo.com